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  • Prevention of osteoarthritis starts with those aspects

    1 The first thing is to keep the joints warm. Whether the joints are involved or not, patients should make sure they don't get cold, especially at night when they sleep, so they can change into autumn clothes and pants and cover up, especially not to leave their shoulders and feet exposed. If the el...
  • Eyelash growth solution has miraculous effect? Long-term use or

    In the past "Double Eleven", many beauty bloggers stood up for a certain eyelash growth solution, saying that after using it, it can make the eyelashes darker and denser and "personally tested to be effective". Can eyelash growth solution really work so well? The ingredients of the eyelash growth s...
  • U.S. President-elect Joe Biden opens up about new crown vaccine

    Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- President-elect Joe Biden publicly inoculated with the New Crown vaccine at a hospital in Delaware on the afternoon of Dec. 21, local time, in hopes of demonstrating to the public the safety of the vaccine, according to the Associated Press. Biden said: "I'm doing this to show t...
  • University of Electronic Science and Technology of Xi'an leader

    From 27 to 28 December 2020, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of Xi'an (UEST), Mr. Cha Xianyou, went to Guangzhou to investigate the work of Guangzhou Research Institute (GRI), led a delegation to meet with the main leaders of the Guangzhou Muni...
  • Have you neglected the hygiene of your towels?

    As a daily necessity, towels may be too common. People are usually too casual in the use, selection and placement of towels. But, wrong towel USES a habit not only unwholesome, can affect human body health even. Let's first look at how to determine the quality of a towel. Whether printed or plain, t...