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The PvP battlefield of World Of Warcraft Classic is gone

  • When World Of Warcraft Classic was released in August, it was a huge success. We old-school WoW fans have been longing for vanilla servers for a long time, and we can go back to the life like in 2004. Most of us are grown-ups, we don't need to sleep under the force of our mothers, we can stay up late as we please. Once this was the dream of countless of us.

    In order to make the game the Vanilla WOW Gold best, Blizzard has been adding new content. We don't need to start from the whole of Classic, it's too big to say. The company is facing a difficult problem. They need to achieve a balance. Such an update should be liked by everyone. The first PvP battlefield is still in use today.

    The two decisive new areas of World Of Warcraft Classic are Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. Here, we can get a different competitive experience from each product.

    Warsong Gulch mainly occupied the flag battle by 10 to 10 battlefield. Blizzard's blog post stated that you can join the battlefield after you reach level ten. If you want to get the WOW Classic Gold For Sale honor of PvP ranking, you must be the first team in the game to capture the three flags of the opposing team and win. You need to queue up, so you need to visit one of the capital cities.

    Alterac Valley is dedicated to those looking for more intense things. The war here is a combination of PvE and PvP, which Blizzard called, "Who can win the final victory in a 40 to 40 match".

    Blizzard said that players need to control the key locations of mines, towers, and graveyards. This is to help you destroy the enemy towers and kill the elites. Your team will push the target to the opposite faction's general Vanndar Stormpike for Alliance and Drek'Thar for the Horde, so that your team will complete the task more easily.How much do you know about "World of Warcraft"? Do you simply log in to the game every day to complete tasks? Without enough WOW Classic Gold, you really can’t experience the game better, so I think you need the MMOWTS website. After you purchase WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, you will find that the joy of the game has just begun.