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New record in WoW Classic

  • A few days ago, a special area of ??World of Warcraft Classic was reported. Fairbanks found that the number of Scarab Lords on a single server was beyond imagination, with 49. A Russian realm concealed the record of "Challenge Accepted", which directly doubled the result.

    This is quite difficult. You need to complete the long task chain in WoW Classic. This is also your fight for the Scarab Lord. You need to Buy WOW Classic Gold cooperate with a guild and friends, it is impossible to complete this task alone.

    This task also has time pressure. When the task of the first player is completed, the clocks of the remaining players will ring. The most unique mount in the game is the black Qiraji tank drone, which you can get after completing the mission in only 10 hours.

    Buy WOW Classic Gold

    Until August 12th, guilds will transfer war supplies to NPCs. This is far from enough. The Cheap WOW Classic Gold war will not end until August 16. Players can use this time to prepare for the game in advance.

    Some guilds with bad reputation will hinder your attempts. There are real money transactions in these guilds and will appear in the process of players' efforts. Flamegor can adjust this problem through the persistence of its field.

    Flamegor is the first and only such field, where there are 90 players with the most coveted mount in the history of World of Warcraft. Many mount players can no longer be satisfied in these areas."World of Warcraft" has gone through a very long history, and its lasting appeal makes it have gone through 15 years and still has not been surpassed. You can go to learn about the MMOWTS website. If you want to improve the experience of the game, you must improve your equipment. Buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS and it will give you what you want.