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World of Warcraft Classic esports tournament

  • In August 2019, World of Warcraft Classic was officially launched and won a lot of results. But even so, this game still does not have its own e-sports tournament. Video game publishers want to fight in the WOW Classic Gold community. A few months after WoW Classic went live, Blizzard announced the formation of an e-sports tournament.

    Players who participate in this game may want to know how to continue participating in the game, but the way the game proceeds is determined by the number of participating teams. This competition is about to start, so all information about this competition should be announced. At the beginning of July, only six teams from North America and Europe came to participate in the Summer Bowl finals. Both Europe and North America will receive a reward of about $4,000.

    If you have a 60-level character and a team of ten people, you can register publicly. In this way, game players can compete with their opponents in the best state as usual. The equipment up to level 14 can be used by any team. The competition in the WoW Classic is very fierce, and players are also very willing to see the best team rivalries appear on the official platform.

    The Classic WOW Gold holding of Summer Bowl has made many game fans a dream come true. In the past period of time, what they have seen is that the two big games are both held by third parties. The players gather in a large community. Blizzard's status as the official organizer of WoW Classic is unshakable. This Summer Bow is a great experiment in WoW Classic e-sports, and its future trend is also very clear.If you have enough desire for "World of Warcraft", having sophisticated equipment will help improve your performance in "World of Warcraft". At this time, I hope you can pay attention to the MMOWTS website. Nowadays, more and more players are buying WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, they think this website can provide them with practical help.