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Further development of WoW Classic esports

  • Since last weekend, we have all witnessed the great success of the World of Warcraft Classic competition scene. For many game fans, this is undoubtedly the first ever Summer Bowl held in North America and Europe for several weeks. Mainly you can join ten people when you meet, you can choose the highest level role, and you can watch the qualifiers and finals within three weeks of this competition area.

    The Cheap WOW Classic Gold first outings started, and Blizzard believes that the Summer Bowl was an unprecedented success. The videos posted on Twitch and YouTube are also watched by tens of thousands of viewers. According to statistics, the number of views on YouTube in North America is 50,000, and the number of views on YouTube for the EU finals is 70,000. Participation in the two regions is also high, with a total of 845 players participating.

    In Blizzard's view, this WOW Classic Gold competition will have an impact on future e-sports. During the conversation with Adrian Archer-Lock of the World of Warcraft gaming team, I learned a lot of information.

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    Archer-Lock does not have any specific plans for the next step. He hopes that there can be a slower, staggered method. He said that he was quite satisfied with the atmosphere of the event, and in terms of ratings, it also attracted great attention from game participants. These are all relatively good phenomena at the moment, but there seems to be something lacking, and we should add fire to this. We will perfect ourselves in our studies, because the future we can foresee is very beautiful, and we also have great expectations for the future of WoW Classic."World of Warcraft" has been popular for many years. As for why it has such a big charm, I think we need to explore it in the game. Introduce you to a website called MMOWTS. Many players will buy WOW classic gold coins on MMOWTS. You can also feel its charm.