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Ranking of expansion packs in World of Warcraft

  • The main product in the MMO field is World of Warcraft since its release in 2004. This game has always been Blizzard's pride. According to data, the ranking of all expansion packs in World of Warcraft is also very high.

    Blizzard's World of Warcraft is very productive and has not been surpassed in the past two decades. "World of Warcraft" brought the niche MMORPG into the mainstream, thus changing the entire game genre.

    Activision-Blizzard is the real "WoW Killer". They said, "No one can really rule my son, it is free." As a very stable game, "World of Warcraft" is the best proof of its competitiveness. "Final Fantasy XIV" is an example. We can see the trough and climax of the game expansion package through Metacritic. The release of Shadowlands has attracted the attention of the "World of Warcraft" community.

    At the time of writing this article, in August 2018, "Battle for Azeroth" was launched as WoW's latest expansion. Blizzard said that this expansion pack is the most popular and will be favored by many game fans. The great success of the Legion expansion brings great confidence to game fans.

    The Classic WOW Gold Battle of Azeroth has also undergone some changes after its release, which disappoints some senior players. Although the score of the game is very high, in contrast, Metacritic users score only three points. Coupled with the good results of "Final Fantasy XIV" expansion, it is obvious that people are very dissatisfied with this.

    The WOW Classic Gold For Sale meaning of streamlining is to sublime the whole. Some commented that this reflects the wrong trend of talent changes and gameplay changes. But the meaning of simplification is that the essence can be obtained more easily. In general, fans believe that MoP is a relatively weak expansion.You have a good gaming experience in World of Warcraft, which depends on your equipment. You can pay attention to MMOWTS, it will give you what you want. Many players buy WOW classic gold coins in MMOWTS, they say this is a comparative result. They have high expectations for this website.