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We can see the success of World of Warcraft Classic

  • One week after World of Warcraft Classic was launched on Reddit and Twitch, specific statistics on how popular the game is has been compiled. Since the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, all its indicators have exceeded the first week. You can check the Twitch tracker to find out. On Twitch, the number of viewers of Classic WoW rose by one-fifth, and the number of views also exceeded 2.884 million.

    World of Warcraft Classic has the highest number of live broadcasts, far surpassing Fortnite, because it has more than 6,000 channels. For a large part of the time, Fornite is the most popular on the Internet and the most live broadcast. But the reason for changing this phenomenon is the emergence of World of Witchcraft Classic. On Twitch, Classic WoW convinced others that its viewing volume has far exceeded 48 million hours.

    Recently, according to Buy WOW Classic Gold statistics, World of Warcraft Classic has become one of the fastest growing communities on Reddit, and its subdirectories have more than 3 million subscriptions. The World of Warcraft Classic subreddit ranks relatively high on Reddit, and it has always been one of the top ten most popular comments, which seems very powerful.

    In August of this year, World of Warcraft Classic had more than 13 million subscriptions. The daily subscription volume of Classic WoW exceeds 4100, which is really amazing. When the World of Warcraft Classic Gold original version was first launched, the number of subscriptions in the entire field was less than World of Warcraft Classic. In August, the number of unique visitors to the subreddit of Classic WoW exceeded 40,000,000.

    Classic WoW also experienced some problems. There was an overload situation in the game, and the queue time was increased by six hours. Players thought this time was too long. Surprisingly, Blizzard decided that it would refuse the opportunity to bring a free field transfer soon.Of course, if you have good equipment, your gaming experience in World of Warcraft is better, so MMOWTS is your best choice. Why do more and more players choose to buy WOW classic gold coins from MMOWTS? The reason is that this website is not only cheap, but also has excellent service.