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The perfect treatment of details makes "The Burning Crusade Cla

  • The perfect treatment of details makes "The Burning Crusade Classic" a great acclaim

    Before that, some machine manufacturers, led by YouTuber Hurricane, used to name themselves. YouTuber Hurricane releases new World of Warcraft' videos every few months. This time, in "Burning Crusade", he would rather devote himself to the WOW Classic Gold Black Temple than give up. In the trailer, the content of this video should exceed Blizzard.

    What is worth seeing? The video "Black Temple Trailer 2020" tells a continuing story. Naxxramas fell step by step,Makes the heroes of Azeroth enter the Outland through the Dark Portal and eliminate all threats. The Draenor'dangers of Hellfire Fortress, Snake Shrine and Eyes were all eliminated here. It also provided a prerequisite guarantee for the entire team from the Shadowmoon Valley to Buy WOW Classic Gold the Black Temple.

    The real raid began after the siege of the city gate was broken. Most of bosses are all fleetingly. introduced and even relaxed by a spirit healer scene-because Supremus put on some of the champions.

    At the end of the video, the heroes' work was successfully completed and they rested in Shattrath. However, due to the opening of the Sunwell as the Quel’Danas’ portal, it became clouded, which was the last raid of "Burning Crusade".

    What is the workload in the video? It took nearly ten months for Hurricanes to produce this video based on the information it has, and you can meet it in the final version of the work. Pay special attention to the details of each scene. Even if many times, there are dozens of characters in a scene, you will see that each character moves and has its own animation.

    A special highlight: When the heroes fight through the Black Temple, their equipment has also changed, and they have replaced them with new loot one by one. The love of personal details is impressive, which shows how much work has actually been done in these 4 minutes.

    The biggest flash point is that their equipment will change as they fight through the black temple, so they replace them with new loot. The handling of details is commendable and represents the amount of work actually completed in four minutes. In most cases, good equipment can make your adventure in World of Warcraft Classic easier, so the help of MMOWTS is essential. More and more players choose to buy WOW Classic Gold at MMOWTS, because this website is not only cheap but also excellent in service.