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People tried to assert the same thing for Connie out of Steven

  • This Animal Crossing Items apparently is fairly common and happens to most dark skinned characters because people simply can't get inside their minds the notion of other races using really dark skin even when they make it obvious the character isn't of African origin.

    Things like this is why I do not like people claiming Marceline from experience time is half black, cause her mother has directly, brown hair.speaking as a non black minority its really pretty fucking offensive how they try to assert every dark skinned personality that isnt explicitly said to be not black as black. Dont to perform us what whites do/did to you

    People tried to assert the same thing for Connie out of Steven Universe despite her having obviously lighter and shinier hair compared to the character who were black in Steven world class. Instead of leaving it to ambiguity before the author says otherwise. Same thing happened to Brock out of Pokémon all of the way till they went to Unova (Pokemon New York) and a few fans still doubled down onto it even then. In Avatar the last airbender, there's a boy at the Earth Kingdom (Avatar's variant of China more or less) with darker skin, perhaps not even dark, he had been just like a medium tan. You know, the skin tone a lot of East Asians come in in the sunnier parts.

    There's a character called Kaeya in Genshin effect, same right hair and tan skin. But I am still scared people will Attempt to force the African picture into him although I animal crossing new horizons bells think folks have gotten the notion He's not assumed to be