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I wish to acquire the Explorer Ring and get those stats

  • I wish to RS gold acquire the Explorer Ring and get those stats... all these stats are for the explorer ring however. What if I buy first? Have an idea about what sequence I can do them ? Mage xp and Smithing XP. I am considering going and doing superb warming this weekend.

    In F2P, sadly to saythere is not much selection. The greatest potential drop does come from a revenant, which would be a corrupt dragon scimi. However, aside from this, you'd be just acquiring coins, which you could not even place in your money shovel. Also, if the revs have been gang up on you, you are dead meat 80% of the time, unless you have a good amt of prayer left... which you could not even bill, if you don't use a twisted bird neck and then kill the ankous in another chamber.

    The principal benefit from murdering f2p is probably Lesser demons, Cockroaches, possibly Ankous at ~70 defence, or 70 range should you safespot, and Greater Demons, tho it is not really recommended due to their locations all being from any bank. People usually resort to dungeoneering in f2p should they wish to kill a couple of directors. Thank you... For lessers I had been considering this...

    Melee till they are not competitive. Subsequently Range/Mage Safespot. Any shield I could wear other than the anti monster shield? I will have all my gear in my inv. I will also take a prayer urns. Could this be good XP too? In case you use urns for every ability?

    First of all, you should ideally use Ranged and Melee, if your melee stats are anywhere near decent (80+ Attack 80+ Strength). You could try magic - it may turn out to succeed - but in general it's pricey (200GP per cast using the Polypore remains pricey, comparatively ).

    Secondly, use higher-defence armour until you become great at Prayer switching at TDS, then change to Void. How would you be good at prayer changing? If they're attacking with melee and they roar then you've got to guess involving range or mage. If your guess is correct then it is fine but if it is wrong then you are probably buy OSRS gold going to take damage before you switch again...