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I'm really really really not one of these conspiracy nut jobs

  • Wow, my Animal Crossing Bells character in the game I have at the moment is fighting to get orc rights but im not being a **** about it. Its more that we've a team with extreme murderer characters that want to skin orcs and cut of their toes once we conquer them. I didnt even know folks legitimately whined about"orc racism"

    Hell, you're not even allowed to genuinely empathize with folks anymore. You know, that thing we've spent years building up to society and our remedy toward each other.

    Now it is"You can't know or speak about this issue unless you have the perfect identification designation." All the years of work you put into to bridge the difference of individual experience by placing in the effort to understand other people's experiences? Invalid.

    Instead, we have pulled another linguistic switcharoo. The word"empathy" now means"empathy" so that empathizing means adopting the correct story depending on the mob's emotional appeal.

    I'm really really really not one of these conspiracy nut jobs however this has to be some sort of concerted effort by the people who benefit most from us not* being better to one another.

    Like we spent decades trying to just understand and accept each other as fellow human beings, the LGBT movement was started and focused solely on making it known that they are just like everyone else and deserve the same rights, they simply wished to be seen as regular people that happen to also be gay. The identical thing happened with the Civil rights movement. We are not different because of our skin color so treat us as humans has become give me particular status... now suddenly everything is appropriation, everything isn't any I am special because of X thing about myself which is immutable and I did absolutely buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells nothing to earn respect but you'll respect me for this anyway.