This is probably just someone needing attention or trolling

  • This is probably just someone needing attention or trolling, where they hugely succeeded seeing the amount of answers she obtained

    I honestly Animal Crossing Bells think a lot of the outrage lure tweets and Twitter answers are straight-up troll accounts when they say **** like that, it wouldn't be the first time accounts such as that were made to muddy the waters or discredit actual social equity movements. A few may very well be genuinely crazy or ignorant people, but I think it's more often than not supposed to sow discord and/or farm content for outrage sites.Animal crossing is a breeding ground for racists Seemingly,Twitter is like filling a tin can Filled with wasp, shaking the piss out of it and Hammering it open in someone's picnic, the More Mad cunts come out with no idea who's friend and who Is foe just taking out their **** on anyone whos Distinct from them

    Catpiss is a strain of excellent weed and purple bud is excellent marijuana. Therefore, if the catpiss is purple it's great weed.And only particular kinds will turn purple. These are good breeds even when they aren't colored purple and often still possess"purple" from the name.Yeah no, I attempted making a consideration and thought to myself"do I really wanna argue with those who put the tin foil at the grocery store out of stock"

    Depends. If someone is completely wrong I would try to fix them. Had to sacrifice gold.I only fallow youtubers who like and a game I love and rarely open my twitter

    It is a complete shithole and that's what makes it oh so enjoyable.Even if they fully acknowledge they're racist. How does a person from a minority believe that they'll wind up better off at a segregated society?Black Panther is utopic in numerous levels. It tells a story of a men and women who had access to important resources and chose hoarding them. An IRL example could be Saudi Arabia using their oil.Yeah it's sort of a weird take. Wakanda was an ethno country that hid its wealth partly to avoid being bothered by other countries.

    Has a king, keeps their advanced tech to themselves, racially homogeneous. Everything I know about both history and humanity tells me that with this technology, 90% of this planet would have immediately made weapons , and then blown us to hell.Actually, the tech does not make any sense to me. Wakanda consists just of a comparatively small, isolated population. Where did they get the scientific input to develop technology that's so advanced it's considered buy animal crossing furniture sci-fi?