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It seems like he's a cat but it'd make a lot more sense for him

  • You definitely do Animal Crossing Bells not play creature crossing lol, there are no Shark villagers.

    Is Spy a kitty, kitsune, or fox? It seems like he's a cat but it'd make a lot more sense for him to become among the others.

    Well, you got the perfect animap for them and I applaude you . Notably fighter engineer, thats just next level thinking.

    My main reason for creating him an octopus was really because their mouths rather loon like gas masks! Plus it was the creature I could readily make them wear masks for lol

    I frankly associate Sheeps more with fresh Zealand lol, I simply made Demo a Dog because... idk really. Thought it'd be adorable and with the whole projectile/balls idea. And Heavy is a polar bear! I Believe I simply did the colors too creamy-ish rather than white:c

    Well, in the end they still seem really nice, demo is still looking good, even if he's a dog;-RRB- Heavy seems like he would make a nice teddy bear plush. Can buy.

    In case boruto has taught me anything its that following one piece is found along with the show is finished there will be another sequence. Probably place in the not cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items too far future with the other youthful plucky crew going after the title of pirate king.