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I basicly wanted a seccond comment in my calculation

  • I moved into Best OSRS Gold site  ardougne, discovered brother kojo, immediately kept clicking'click to keep', until the questions came up, but I accidentally clicked the question that began Clock tower, today when I talk to him he tells me about colored clogs, therefore in an attempt to finnish the pursuit, the reddish clog and also the white clog wont fit onto the spindles and I cant even find the blue cog, whats happened, how do I get out of itor will I never have the ability to follow a treasure route? And also, will the chart and other thing in the observatory be that hard to acquire.

    Cant help you with the quest because I havent done it , I have done like 10 hints lvl 3 and I just talked to him . You had to pick the treasure trail option when you talked to him. All of the things you need to do that the coodinates are rather easy to obtain because the 3 components the sextant the watch along with the graph are in the same area, south of ardougne. After oyu have them maintain them in bank, even the graph, you wont have to talk to him again. Fantastic luck on your future treasure paths.

    Alright, I basicly wanted a seccond comment in my calculation, I was attempting to work out the number of bronze arrows it would have to have from 70 to 99 Ranging on Fire Giants, while sporting Full Void Knight Range and also a Dark Bow (among other items ). Well, here goes, copyed directly from notepad and also helpfull cheap OSRS gold notes added/ 13034431 (exp to get 99) - 737627 (exp for 70) = 12296804 (exp to acquire from 70 - 99). 12296804 (exp to acquire from 70 - 99) / 444 (exp per fire giant) = 27695 (required number of fire giants to kill). 111 (Fire Giant Hitpoints). 10 (Max Strike at Level 70). 5 (average hit). 111 / 5 = 22.2 (essential variety of arrows per Fire phone ). 27695 (required number of fire giants to kill) * 23 (essential number of arrows per Fire phone piled up) = 636985 (total required number of bronze arrows). 28000 (amount of Fire Giants, + a few) * 30 (required variety of arrows per flame giant, + several ) = 840000 (absolute reccomended amount of arrows)