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And he's tackling a particular point made in the article

  • I will go a little off Animal Crossing Bells the railings, and wonder if this threw them for a significant loop. Would they prefer that this was mostly appreciated by children?

    Basically, will they try to appease their elderly crowd (who showed up in droves) or even attempt to change to game to make it less appealing to adults and much more (or just ) appealing to children?

    For me personally it isn't even that, it is the next onwards profiles have limited skills. That fuckin blows and stop me from becoming the game. Otherwise I would have loved to share an island with my little sister.

    It's not perfect, but it actually does not hamstring you enjoy you think/people say.

    I definitely understand needing you to yourself too. As always, more options and flexibility are always better.

    Yeah, if both players were equivalent owners and may"progress" the island evenly, it'd be fine. I've got it and my daughter is your island owner so there is nothing I could do unless she goes and does the quests. It's pretty stupid how they have it all setup.

    And he's tackling a particular point made in the article. Does he need to explore every single topic before making a comment?

    This is obviously not a game designed toward nearly all people with this sub. I don't really understand all of the hating given most folks here didn't play with the previous buy animal crossing furniture ones or obviously have an interest in a game that is not Animal Crossing.