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  • Since RuneScape gold has been brought to many people's attention within the past month or so, freeplay, very simply sucks. Mainly due the the large number of suck and robots running a muck, making really playing near impossible. I had been freeplay two decades back, and I spent nearly 2 years playing this, and it was nothing like what goes on today. It pretty much boils down to a big change: free commerce.

    But in all honesty, how does freeplay need free trade? Consider the advantages of eliminating free trade to freeplayers: Less bots would be ruining actual playing. While there likely would still be a fair few around (it will likely never reach the reduced levels of before the introduction of free trade), it would make the game playable again. Even though some could refer to it as classic, getting tricked would be less of an issue, and newer gamers would be less prone to fall because of it.Do's -consistently give food when requested, you always receive your food in gd and of course they take more damage(demonstrated in end at gd, keyer consistently has"meat-shield award") this even means giving the final of your meals, hoarding food and not discussing is a massive disgrace. Tools and cosmics asap, no money? Later buy whenever u get money. Make altar whenever most of staff is out of pray. Gate without being advised to gate! It helps by enormous quantities, and always keep an eye on the key on keyers inventory, announce what u gate if necessary. Always mention what doors you found that aren't openable, if u see a gd immediately do it. Always make pots when told, it will help a good deal.

    Keyer asked to ggs to him to get a door to start while your in a gd? I can't stress that additional. Any addition? It is a combnation of steels and irons, so I dont understand what fall is out of what dragon. I think its such as 110 steels and 100 irons. Took me hours to perform, 2 trips, 6k blood runes together with the spell fire tide. (83 magical at the moment.)

    Subscribe if you would like to have more logs similar to this, I continue if you prefer! Request logs might be worked out, PM in this subject if you like, im not the greatest skilled player, although I hope I can help. (You can also add me in game'Tnx Buddy', only tell me why u added me) I only pick up the blue charms ( 3 from metal, 2 from irons at a time ), other charms aren't noted. PS: When the critters are high lvl and I accept your request, I probably use magic, at that moment any cash or runes contributions to make the fall log and complete the request will probably be much much help for the speed of the log. PPS: Dragons take buy RS gold lots of money and time so thats why it are'only' 200. Enjoy, hope its a bit usefull!