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I havent played Runescape at a very long

  •  Is not old RuneScape gold school when it isn't 2001 Runescape, only stating. 2001 RS is RS Classic. It's if you compare it to the abomination of runescape 3. We don't talk about that. Nobody talks about that. Nope, you're being resold a 20 year-old game. You're right. Here is the only game announced for following gen.Why not rs3? Are the interesting choice graphic wise? Just asking. Many RS players play OSRS.

     We talked about older RuneScape

    Ever have a time when you wish to get back in the danged noobs running after you... with insidious Pranks? Here are a coupe great ones I've tried out. Don't hesitate to post your lil' fun vengeful pass-times... Basically you get from the port sarim jail through the Shantai pass, and remain in there. 1 thing that works well is to get a marijuana to bring noobs into the jail; I usually tell them that the Key is obtained by either giving Donuts t the sleeping guard or kill rats. Req: 3+ people,'godly' lookig fabrics / things (e.g. easter/stone ring, emotes), 2+ pairs of robes, unfrequented location. Try to convince the noob which he is a Chosen, and offer him the extra set of robes. If all goes well, you can make him believe you have'imbued him with magical possessions'. This prank can continue exceptionally long; I was able to make it last 3 weeks. Locate a rude and disrespectful noob, and start following him, going"choo!choo!" or something ike that.

     When he begins objecting you following himget al your buddies to start ranting and these. Many noobs get so mad they bribe you. Feel free to find more! So I'm on a search to receive 40 range for Ikov so I can do desert treasure. I trained on rock crabs. I switched worlds due to cannons in the rock crabs. I met a friend and we went from Fremmy stone plantations throughout the fence to Kelda crabs. I meet some more friends there and we talked about college and crap that the I told them how I am married to the sandwich lady, divorced queen Ellemaria, and outdated Gertrude. They all logged out and a few more people came on.

     One guy thought Lilyuffie expired. Another man asked what the old nite lost when he died. I attempted to convince him O.N. died IRL, but he kept asking what he dropped GP wise. I shook him by telling him that he dropped a dragon platebody and shameful pickaxe. Chat to be uploaded shortly. Or more or less friendly?

     Personaly I often dismiss people, but try to consider their perspective. They think that they are awsome and very smart, meaning they are just dumb. But they then say something stupid snd I go back to needing to punch them. Many people dont realize its an EFFIN GAME! While I get an A in algebra two, and they are getting a D- in remidial math, il be laughing since they have 110 battle.

     I havent played OSRS Gold For Sale at a very long