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The theme music from RuneScape

  • We announced Orthen is RuneScape gold in the works today and - more long duration - EGWD has. The goal is to deliver meaningful Small and

    Medium additive content often (like the next Alchemical stuff we discussed now ), with occasional strikes of bigger content

    (something like Orthen). Concerning this cadence or dates for bigger content hits, we have strategies on how often we'd like

    this to be but it is not something that we're in a place to communicate now. As we get into the rhythm of the new manufacturing

    strategy, we will start to build a more consistent picture and talk timelines in a little more confidence.

    I will believe it when I see it. Jagex has had a history of saying all the ideal things, getting folks hyped not delivering what

    they said they went to deliver. Community complains, Jagex says the ideal things, promises things will change, people get hyped

    they under deliver. Repeat. Warden asserting to be transparent and stay tuned to your roadmap at January!!! We got nothing and

    he has said no roadmap is currently coming.

    We are getting yearly updates, arch is excellent and all, but it was. What about those 3 weeks? What about these patch months?

    You announced the new pursuit had to with the miserable players. It's was in development for months, before some mod stated it

    is in design phase in a twitter post. I'm done using the words. Show us you are shifting and we'll believe it. Jagex includes a

    steep road, although I get it you were not here it for all.

    I seem to remember that back in 07/08, we had weeks with no upgrades at all, although I get that its frustrating. Some time is

    taken by Game dev, although big upgrades are nice. And RS is its own worse enemy because its huge! Imagine how many systems

    they're having to contend with now. For me, the issue includes them communication things, and being translucent, which has never

    been Jagex suit. Plus, a great deal of the patch notes are in fact good for RuneScape, with some of the undesirable updates

    throughout the years being enhanced, as long as they don't attempt to sell those as big updates, I do not find an issue,

    actually. For upgrades to be sold by them, however, the updates've got to be good. That.

    I've spent a lot of time the last couple weeks working on this arrangement of the theme music from RuneScape. I tried to make

    the score look as professional as you can, so I would like feedback on it - especially from those of you that are good with

    engraving or buy OSRS gold know the music. See description - but let me preface by recognizing that there's a lot of information for the