Fast forward four weeks

  • Ray Traced Shadows within wow classic gold Shadowlands have been enabled on the game's Beta/PTR, and the very first comparison shots have surfaced on the internet.

    Back in April of this year, Blizzard added Ray Traced Shadow alternatives to the match's Alpha. Unfortunately, actual Ray Traced Shadows weren't allowed just yet and those in the Alpha were only able to view the new choices. According to the alternative's description, it"improves shadow quality with ray tracing, which produces shadows with more natural softness, greatly improved precision, and out of other light sources."

    Players in the alpha Could pick among the following Ray Traced Shadows options:

    Fast forward four weeks and we could now finally see how the new shadows seem in the forthcoming Shadowlands expansion. Earlier this week we already reported the new NVIDIA Game Ready Driver added support for the brand new attribute in Shadowlands, and buy classic gold wow several Beta/PTR players have now shared several screenshots comparing Shadowlands together without the Ray Traced Shadows enabled.