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It is still possible to afk travel

  • It is still possible to afk travel, not to nullsec. I dont see anywhere it had been advertised that you should be secure traveling through nullsec.I have only respect to EVE Mobile ISK the Golden Horde- damn- they have some horrible stuff like - having a stealth bomber on our flank and setting it up within an anchor so that they can attack us in multiple directions. - I just don't understand how some people are so salty about this- why not create a content more gigantic than this and establish shh wrong about this being an epic struggle.

    You can not hear the haters. Additionally, there are a great deal of good people posting gfs and other kind words.Agree. I'm in the GH and contains a great deal of fun. Many thanks, and even more so to be sterile and respectful.GH manhood here, that was a great struggle by either side everyone battled hard and used what they had to achieve great things so props to everyone who had been there.

    As for EVE Echoes ISK For Sale the people in the comments crying about kills, who cares honestly its not really about that. Just be happy both sides had achieved something in 1 way or another. IMO yes SHH was extremely well organized and because of that had more kills than us, albeit the majority of those kills were probably newcomers within their destroyers xD But none the less they soundly beat us about this.