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You never bought or bought gold?

  • I have never done anything bad in this game and I am so PISSED right now that they would ban me, and when I clicked to the signs, there's none! So not only did they ban me, they did it with no proof what so ever. Oh my god I could crush my computer right now that is how crazy I am. Sorry to write this angry thread please, someone allow me to OSRS gold know how long an appeal takes, since this only ruined my night.

    Proof is only used in conversation related infractions, therefore it is not surprising they didn't provide any in this instance. Sucks you got banned if you really didn't do anything. Isn't there anything you might have possibly done to create Jagex think you botted? I've heard of folks receiving temp bans since they spent 10+ hours per day training Firemaking for example. It can also be possible that during the time you invested Woodcutting you accidentally formed clicking patterns that tricked Jagex's anti-bot system or some of the type.

    You never bought or bought gold? In case you got banned for using macros and gold farming and you're sure you never botted perhaps Jagex is speaking to the later only. There is probably not anything you can do besides appeal, and when you appeal you should likely try to Cheap RS gold calm down first to be sure that you write a nicely thought out and polite appeal. If you have initially banned you have all the reasons to be mad, but a hotheaded allure definitely won't help you.