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The launch cadence was also discussed

  • "Absolutely, it's the long term vision. I meanwe have been required to EVE Echoes Items employ some manual intervention to get the thing going and just to collect data on where the boundaries are The blackout, the drifters, the wormhole connections, all the things we have been doing."

    The Blackout was of course touched on as well, with Hilmar coming away happy with how it had been run, and the learnings the team was able to come off with,"It was a excellent experiment to know what a fantastic duration would be, also in this case it was just too long. We added nothing to our knowledge about it following day 40, 66 times was too long."

    The launch cadence was also discussed, together with Hilmar talking finding the right balance between releasing all at once versus slice meal,"How we've been managing the upgrades, I often explain it like as if you had been a sausage mill. You want to make sausages, set them in a bunch, bundle them together, and here's a bunch of sausages. But we are sort of just releasing one long sausage which has no break inside and no one wants that. Our updates are so supply driven, what gets delivered from the dev group is simply released in a long stream."

    Well, it looks like a single participant in EVE Echoes ISK For Sale has nabbed over $60,000 worth of items.