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I started understanding

  • Though the exp profits might not be massive 40k/50k exp in skill in a moment is very helpful and at current prices 10 Infernal urns will save you 1.4mill at current rates, should you use dragon bones. I am Falxmaster, and that I intend on creating a reality-show kind comedy video show on YouTube around Noobs, and the name (unfinalized) is Runescape Noobs Exposed, but it seems somewhat close to TehNoobShow's God's Exposed- therefore I am coming up with a brand new name. Watch the rest of the subject for how to Audition. You don't need to become a true noob, but if it's possible to behave try it out! Not really a discussion, just post your view between them both. Discuss adapting to RS gold the new kind of playing (in case you recently joined from the three year break) Talk about the loot gap since new things have been added. Overall simplicity of things. And general pleasure. I still enjoy pking now. I used to put on just a coif (looking like a complete noob) snare runes, tele block runes, msb 200 rune arrows range pot and rest sharks and completely dominate. I tried that the day wildy came back with an adequate range pure outfit going on and obtained merkled.

    But after a while you begin to get used to it, I started understanding when to eat. Now that there are less noobs and much more people in tune about wild and stuff, it's a bit harder. Before I'd have a complete fight with ingesting at around 20hp eating that low basically because I'd hit constant 10s and 15s and they'd food spam and wont be able to attack me, today they overtake me with claws. Pking is always fun, I have money to spare for the 100k+ I lose everytime I expire. Not once I believed"this brand new runescape stinks". Comon, matters change. Get used to it, adapt. I use my oldschool manners of pking. With just 89 variety, 60 assault and 70 str (:-LRB- ) I manage.

    Off topic. When I decided to return, I combined a few of my very favorite pkers cc's. Most who don't even possess a cc. Until I joined one of my very inspirational pkers, the one who got me to being a range pure. Yankin Deez, who I decided to contribute 1mil to aid for one more pk vid. And surprisingly he's a pretty cool guy. And he added me also. It essentially is a guitarist whose a fan of OSRS buy gold Led Zeppelin, meets Jimmy Page. Anyways, discuss.