I recall someone even inquiring on these forums

  • Jagex realized that they did not want rares in RS gold because they did not intend for what was supposed to be funny holiday items, to instead become the higher-priced things in the Runescape market. Because rares are stopped, eventually (a long time from today ), Jagex will get its wish and the rares will disappear from Runescape, through attrition.

    One by one, slowly but surely, there'll be rares which won't get sold-transferred before someone stops playing Runescape. (1) A individual having a rare may lose their password (and not have recovery questions). (2) A individual with a rare could do something illegal in Runescape to receive their account banned (3) An occasional rare might be lost (highly improbable given their worth these days that somebody could be so careless, but it IS possible), (4) etc.. But it's guaranteed, since no fresh supplies of these discontinued items will ever be generated, that by attrition, there'll be no longer rares.

    There is only 1 Xmas cracker abandoned in all of Runescape

    I recall someone even inquiring on these forums,"If there's only 1 Xmas cracker left in all RuneScape gold buy, what do you really think it will be worth" I believe the response is, it is going to be worth whatever value to the person that owns it - because there'll not be any other ones.