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It is the same deal as Madden

  • I also noticed the UFC matches aren't on PC. That is weird. Among the things I need most in the entire world will be for UFC to visit PC. . Last NHL game on PC is NHL '09 on Origin. That's the 2008 launch for Mut 21 coins the sequence. It's been twelve years because there was an NHL game on PC... Fortunately it is still one of the better ones and holds up pretty well, but if you play some of the more recent ones going back to it could be kind of painful without all the QoL changes and these of the last decade. I have always loved Rocket League but they have started going down hill with the movement to epic I believe. The rocket passes have been 95% trash, the brand new store/credit system is awful, sport is going f2p on epic (smurfs galore) and wants to link an epic account to use cross plat development. Oh I completely agree, as somebody who made to Diamond 3, but stopped playing almost entirely as my link during matches has gotten steadily much worse through the years. It's ridiculous.

    Not to be (too) pedantic, but I would argue most folks in the overall sense do actually like sports games. There are huge numbers of individuals who purchase a console just for the sports games and that's all they buy. It's the 1 EA Sports EA game I like and EA has been blowing requests / exposing users from their own forums / garbage talking PC players in their own forums for 10 years who ask a PC port of the game. Fifa 21 on PC is going to be based on current gen and won't be on par with the PlayStation 5 along with Xbox Series X versions. Previous commenters have already stated lots of sports games on PC. But the one missing game that really sticks out to me is your NHL franchise. I need that game on PC, it's the only reason I miss games.

    It is the same deal as Madden, NBA, etc it's $60 for updates rosters each year and EA promoting this exciting new feature which was current in the game a few years back then removed again. Regardless, it's the sole baseball game I know of. It is certifiable trash. The game is built on a broken base which desperately has to be fixed if they are going to get anywhere on this game. They also added a mode nobody requested for (The Yard) and completely ignored any improvements in Franchise mode (which is the most requested update request year after year). It's a complete joke. I am just thankful that EA lets me pay $20 to get EA Play Pro so that I can remind myself why I buy Madden every year .

    It is clear that a 12 month dev cycle isn't enough to fix all of the issues with current gen Madden. So instead they just paint it over and hope for the best. MUT seems to be the 1 thing they invest time on every year. It is essentially a loot treadmill using new and better cards being published every week. It's not fun"grinding" for a better group. And it is not fun getting lined up having a competitor who has dropped hundreds of bucks on a group. This match needs competition and bad. 2004 was the final great year for Football games which was the last year 2K created an NFL licensed Football game. Which isn't a surprise since Madden is consistently a top-10 seller every year. At most we are going to cheap mut coins madden 21 get a 2K branded non-simulation Soccer match, but I do not think that it's likely to scratch that Soccer itch. It sucks being a Football game fan right now.