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Here's why Eve Echoes would be for it

  • Here's why Eve Echoes would be for EVE Echoes Items

    It has been a really busy year for those folks at CPP Games, the team behind the mythical sci-fi MMORPG EVE Online and its coming cellular spin-off, Eve Echoes. Since March, the dev team has been jet setting around the globe hosting enthusiast fests for its EVE Online loyal across Europe, North America, and Australia. Past the public events and celebrations, the tour stops provided an chance for players and media to devote some hands-on time using an early build of Eve Echoes running iOS.

    In short, Eve Echoes looks magnificent and has the capability to be a truly special portable MMORPG, but a good deal of this is riding on the success of this open beta that's scheduled to begin in December. Here are four reasons why I think Eve Echoes is worthy of your attention.

    For the uninitiated, EVE Online is a sandbox MMORPG that is put in space and gives you the resources to play Eve Echoes however you want. CPP Games has developed a dedicated player base that keeps the EVE galaxy occupied through a network of player-owned Businesses that have staked out a claim to most of Eve Echoes planet and control mining, combat and trade across a huge galaxy of star systems.

    I have personally admired EVE Online (from afar) because it launched 16 years ago. While I never dedicated myself to learning Eve Echoes, I do like to check in with the community every now and again simply to see what crazy achievements or record-breaking distance conflicts that EVE players have been up to. The quantity of player dedication and Buy EVE Echoes ISK team preparation that takes place within Corporations organize epic raids, to support one another or assemble massive warships is astounding.