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What do you think about censorship?

  • The most important reason that skill points are offered as part of EVE Echoes ISK sets in EVE Online serves the identical purpose as bonus skill points for entry into Eve Echoes. This helps new players get with their buddies quicker. The precise monetization choice for Eve Echoes hasn't yet been decided, but we're looking at EVE Online for inspiration. Are CCP and NetEase closely monitoring monetization Problems and the Second Galaxy? So as to squeeze out more money in the players when the paywall is introduced. For instance, to raise ships of a greater level to absurd strength, which gives an unfair advantage to players that invest a great deal of cash, those who invest less and more F2P players.

    Market study was conducted by us for many mobile games from the MMO category and track the amount of solutions available to us. We've got a long-term eyesight for Eve Echoes and providing an honest park is very valuable to us. Would you give us any good news on how exactly Eve Echoes will deal with this issue and those players who have unlimited funds for contribution? It's very important to make an honest MMORPG sandbox, no matter whether it's on a PC or a mobile platform. We believe that Eve Echoes in this respect should inherit a reasonable version from EVE Online.

    What do you think about censorship? We want our players to be completely immersed in the EVE universe. All we ask our players for would be to honor others' opinions. There are lots of platforms, if they would like to discuss real-life politics.

    The decision before the soft launching started to stop the beta was regarded by many gamers as a bad idea. And you can understand that its station has been attained by the hype train. Eve Echoes discord is lifeless, video views have fallen. I no longer notice as much interest. Can you explain in detail why this happened? We understand that players hoped to play with at Eve Echoes by Buy EVE Echoes Items the beginning of the open beta. The initial plan suggested that around 50,000 players would gain access to this open beta, while the reality was nearly 10 times higher. Thus, Eve Echoes felt almost living.