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That's the biggest laugh of the all

  • Yes the pandemic will finish, but the range of wow classic gold people hooked and committed to WOW Classic will rise as its moving on. Do nothing. I am with the host health situations have been used for financial gain, aghast. It was going on for many years with other variations of WOW Classic. And even though it wasn't necessarily supposed to be used for financial gain it looks quite bad from the seat I'm sitting in. I think that the opportunities that have come Blizzard's way in regards to recreating a 15 year-old game that this many people enjoy have been wasted by the pursuit of profits and gross mismanagement.

    I know some people have had a good WOW Classic encounter and I don't wish to mention anything to take away that. It has clearly been a success for Blizzard than anything else they've released lately. I only wanted to give a little back story of the glaring problem that has been beating me up for six months, and my experience up to now. I greatly appreciate it Should you read the entire thing.

    Wow not a lot of people are saying it... I suppose I will be the *******. Incendius was near perfect before you and all your server try-hards came over. We had a closer and nearer equilibrium we turned becoming dominant and as time went on and what happened? Horde are becoming griefed right and left and alliance start flying into the server by the ship load. Due to scummy you transports determined to be on the host, literal against ToS efforts who have guild leaders under review are conducted.

    Now you walk about calling it"our server" like some white knight that cares. You don't care. You amuse and entertain and recruit WOW players like a Walmart guild to make Incendius into your party you can have some server control. Things were great up until you chose to kill 2 servers. Take your $2500 and go spend some more. How to be a pioneer and help mend a server instead of piss off and destroy another? A"humble" article on Reddit shouldn't do you some good. You are not a martyr, you're a douche.

    What's funny is their warfare didn't even do anything they meant it to be for. They basically nutted on WOW Classicr daddy's of this server that they world. Free transfers come out and about 500 of these dad's are sick of queues so they move which snowballs and being camped, the horde guilds start leaving one and the writing is on the walls. My guild dipped because why play a faction. I chose incendius day to get queues and lag. And not to neckbeard.

    That's the biggest laugh of the all. These guilds came into incendius to dominate. They did their study weeks prior in our discord. Alliance took the world back. Tribe was a **** guild that is poisonous. Clique was a pve. Yang gang went raid logging after carrying so many azuregos for themselves and being poisonous and broke off from the horde. It had been so ununited although 60/40 may be said by it. Forte and r I s e were the guilds plus they were just Zerg guilds.

    In includes 3 top 50 ally guilds plus a lot more basically destroy the energy balance further. Then lowercase, makes you think, and who come together and invisibly it seems like the guilds are rather balanced and gang decides to begin pvping again. Then it crazy queues, bwl whatnot and wiping. But incendius was actually only a cheap wow gold classic dad server at which the best horde guilds were so far up their own ass that people believe the horde. Horde guilds that are top were like their faction tbh.