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What new ability would you like the most in OSRS?

  • And today I have recently made a new account on RuneScape gold and have been having a whole lot of fun with quests learning how RS3 works. I know with OSRS there is an"optimized" path with an order of quests. Earning barrows gloves, etc.. So my most important questions are: Is there a goal I should work towards now? Is there a checklist of things online someplace I need to follow and check off because I move? Is there a specific YouTuber that the RS3 universally insists that has the best guides/series to watch to find out things (OSRS includes a few). Any other tips and advice is appreciated also.

    For youtubers, if you're able to stand his voice, then protoxx has a guide for just about anything, Tonixrs is pretty good for guides too. TheRSguy is a good youtuber, especially when it comes to high level content and Maikeru is ok too.For starting out tho, im sure your familiar with how RuneScape works in general, have fun getting initial degrees and material, if its combat that you want to train straight away I suggest going to the troll gave north of burthorpe.

    As someone who also recently started rs3 as a fracture from os I'd reccomend: Practice the optimal pursuit manual for a bit. Once you can get someone to let you leech 10 kbd kills for wars retreat Tele. Do ed3 asap with charming potions until max combats and 99 summoning. Doesn't take this long. Utilize chins for range. From the time you finish ought to be close or at 85 dung for frost dragons and may even have the outfit finished(I did do some excess range amounts for gp prior to melees that I think you might not get 85). Get invention and 95 prayer. Do herb to enjoy 90 and you can plus 7 increase for holy overloads if you worldhop every minute. Now you can do whatever you want.

    Ther isn't a checklist of type, but most of the early game is just like OSRS since they have not touched sub 50 in many skills. I've a series called minimal maxing where I try to maximum in the least amount of game time (without bought MTX) I did boost combat early and moved over riches to create a number of those early bubbles possible. Nevertheless, the questing route I took was really efficient as I did all the early levels with quests and rushed ancient curses. Maikeru is your communities greatest guide manufacturer by popular opinion, personally I believe Tonix has more educational guides concerning information presented but his voice isnt as entertaining and his movies arent as flashy as Maikeru's. The biggest gap between OSRS and RS3 is that your levels are somewhat less important, unlocking abilities/prayers/better equipment is a far larger increase.

    What new ability would you like the most in OSRS buy gold?