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A ability appears more like a marketing move

  • In terms of abilities, I believe that Jagex has yet to propose a new skill that could be really novel. A ability appears more like a marketing move; seriously, what sort of activity is indeed different from the content that OSRS gold justifies its skill? I agree on everything however. The alternative is stagnation, although power creep is a valid concern. RuneScape should get training methods and things and that should mean bosses that are stronger, and so on.

    I agree on the point, where you are coming from, but the one I just can not see. No upgrades? Can you play in real 2007 or at 2013 when OSRS premiered? RuneScape is just nothing like the first edition. Weapons/gear? Allow me to just name a couple items: twisted bow, blowpipe, scythe of vitur, rapier/saeldor/inq mace, justiciar set, kodai wand, harmonised staff... These items are up to like 20-30% greater than their first predecessors. The majority of them should be tier 90. How much more do you need, really? For training methods, pretty much all skills have experienced some upgrades which have changed their coaching procedures. Thus again, I wholly agree with your point, however, you need to rethink another one IMO.

    One that is in my **** from earlier is that the Menu Entry Swapper attribute on third party clients should not be allowed. It is certainly nice to have at time, but if you think about exactly what it does and players can customize their own stuff, it is defiantly suspicious and pushes the line about as much as banned plugins. Anything else that is currently coming to mind at the moment probably would not be unpopular. Like the rest of the year looks somewhat dry for and I really don't think saying that 2020 was lackluster for articles upgrades is that out there of a statement.

    Only places id say MES is questionable is option on bones. They prohibited MES. Its one option and one option only. And change can be changed. Personally I need them to add this customisation to RuneScape itself, but its a bit"janky" to set up and would feel weird officially. They included which was a thing from plugins that were comparable and MES. Alter dropping, shift pouches, lender X / All choices. All to mitigate how the UI was worked around with AHK and Mousekeys and was horribly designed. I like MES that are static since it outright removes the need to do things. Which shouldn't have been RuneScape was, but its what it made to. Shift falling, bank options, MES and some items have removed the requirement to use Mousekeys to play with RuneScape at the maximum level.

    Agree, I can not think MES passed the"approved plug evaluation" considering how much of an advantage it is. It's essentially a requirement for chaos altar prayer. I chased the **** out of it myself because it is allowed surprised it made the cut of all things. I'll also throw out one that related: that the Jad plugin has been extremely overrated. It didn't give you any advice that the animation/sound of Jad does not already let you know. NPC emphasize on the healers is a bigger advantage over vanilla customer as it makes them far more easy to see. Without it the method moves back to using Mousekeys to do the identical thing with fixed motion on a right click menu. MES is a much better solution for all (no external mouse motion program needed, no surplus wrist movement from bad UI design etc..)Those people get bemused. Had my friend spend 15 minutes dragging and clicking lobsters to bank them, getting confused when it was click/drag to fall and not use an item, not knowing the complexities of the combat system then calling it boring after I let him leech entirely because of how clueless he is. It makes you step back for a moment and realize just how much of Cheap RS gold that's second nature to some veteran participant is just hard for most people to wrap their minds around.