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Just how long does WOW Classic last?

  • Just how long does WOW Classic last?

    With it 8 months since release and 4/6 phases being playable do you think we will even make it to 1 year without even Naxx being rid? I believed the phases were suppose to be release considerably slower than this (~two years like the original game) and blizzard seems to wow classic gold have released them as fast as possible. I wouldnt go accurate we're two months ahead of schedule zg/dragons have been 10-11 months following release im vanilla we got them 8 months in. We are are moving for sure, but our pace is being exaggerated by the op quite a bit. There is not any way naxx is released prior to september.

    He's right. Patch 1.7 (ZG) came out a month before which would be 10 months since launch. We got both ZG and dragons April 15th 2020, which is 7.5 months since launching of WOW Classic (August 26th 2020) So I do not understand what I'm supposed to be searching if what I appear up informs me he is right and you're wrong. I truly doubt they are going to wait for 6 weeks between AQ and Naxx enjoy on retail vanilla.

    No, you count from NA release, which is totally silly, WOW Classic published on 11 Feb 2005 in EU and Blizz uses this as a baseline. Should you check the dates, you will notice that WOW Classic is, except bg releases, very always on a slower rate with EU release as a beginning point. The time between the patches is. It is a flaw in your reasoning Maraudon was already in at WOW Classic release, Maraudon didn't release until a month after NA release initially, so it doesn't match.

    In the first release, the first raid bosses fell 3 weeks before EU release, i.e. two months after NA release. In buy classic gold wow all raid material has been cleared within 5 days of discharge. At the time the raids from the original WoW set foot in to MC, in WOW Classic casuals were pugging it. The content drought would be drive many people away. Does it make any sense to delay ALL content releases by 3 weeks due to using NA release when this is the state of affairs?

    How do you believe WOW Classic contrasts to FFXIV