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Paper bowls are widely used


    A paper container made of base paper (white cardboard) made of chemical wood pulp by mechanical processing and bonding. The appearance is bowl-shaped. Paper cups used for frozen foods are coated with wax, which can hold ice *****, jam, butter, etc.

    The paper cups used for hot drinks are coated with plastic, which can withstand temperatures above 90°C and can even bloom with water.

    The paper bowl is characterized by safety, sanitation, lightness and convenience. It can be used in public places, restaurants, and restaurants. It is a one-time item.

    Since the advent of the paper bowl, it has quickly become the most viable green tableware in the 21st century. Internationally renowned fast food chains such as McDonald's, KFC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and instant noodle products have adopted disposable paper bowls.

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