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Introduce The Leak Of Paper Bucket Manufacturer

  • We can see all kinds of paper buckets around us. Paper buckets are very useful and practical for us, so the paper bucket manufacturer has become more numerous.

    Paper drums can be divided into three levels according to different uses. The first-level drums are used for export and transportation and packaging of valuables, the second-level drums are mainly used for the transportation and packaging of domestic products, and the third-level drums are mainly used for the transportation and packaging of short-distance and cheap goods.

    With the deepening of my country's opening-up policy, more commodities are exported overseas, and the paper drums used as outer packaging have also drifted across the ocean with the commodities to realize their value. However, during the transportation of the wooden doors of Shengshi Wendy, there is also the problem of leakage of paper drums. This is the most serious quality problem of paper drums and must cause the height of the enterprise. Leakage of paper drums is mainly due to the heavy load and large deformation of the paper drum itself during use or handling, causing the drum body to separate from the bottom of the drum. The main manifestation is that the bottom of the paper drum is disconnected from the plywood or cardboard connection, causing the leakage of items.

    We cannot deny that there are many problems with paper drums, but we also cannot deny the many advantages of paper drums. For more details, please read about Paper cup wholesale .