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How To Make Paper Cup Sleeve

  • In our daily life, paper cups are a very common item. However, the heat insulation effect of paper cups is not very good, so paper cup sleeves appeared. So how do we make a Paper cup sleeve by ourselves?

    1. Cut out the **** non-woven fabric according to the size of the six sides of the carton, and open a paper towel opening on one of the non-woven fabrics. 2. Cut out the letters and place them on the yellow non-woven fabric, and cut the non-woven fabrics according to their letter-size one by one. Put the cut letters on the green non-woven fabric and place them 3 mm along the outer * outline of the letter Cut out the bases for the letters respectively. 3. On the **** non-woven fabric, cut out 4 small windows of appropriate size, 2 large windows, 4 large round lights, and then cut out 4 small round lights with orange non-woven fabric. 4. Cut out 7 small animals in proportion to the size of each window. 5. Stick the cut **** non-woven fabric on the outside of the cardboard. 6. Stick the small **** window on the 4 sides of the carton in turn, and then on the window Glue the small animal 7. Glue the green base around the opening of the paper, and then glue the yellow letters to the green base 8. Such a cup is complete.

    The above is the method of making a paper cup sleeve. If you have all the materials and tools, you can make a paper cup sleeve and Ps lid by yourself.