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Some Knowledge Points Of Paper Stirrer

  • In fact, the paper stirrer is a piece of relatively common construction equipment in our lives. We can see it in many places, and of course, there are differences in size and shape.

    The stirrer is a device for convection and uniform mixing of liquid and gaseous media. The type, size, and speed of the agitator will affect the distribution of mixing power between the total flow and turbulent pulsation. Generally speaking, the power distribution of the turbine agitator is conducive to turbulent flow pulsation, while the propeller agitator is conducive to the overall flow. For the same type of agitator, under the same power consumption condition, the power of the large diameter, the low-speed agitator is mainly consumed by the overall flow rate, which is conducive to macro mixing. The power of the small-diameter high-speed agitator is mainly consumed by turbulent pulsation, which is useful for micro-mixing. The amplification of the agitator is a complicated problem related to the process. So far, it can only be scaled up through step-by-step experience and extrapolated to industrial-scale based on the scale-up standards obtained.

    Of course, in addition to these, everyone can learn more about the materials and production process of the paper stirrer. Most of the Round paper plate is also made from paper cup stirrers.