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What Is Disposable Wooden Tableware

  • 2020 is a very difficult year. The beginning of 2020 is our favorite time for the New Year in previous years, but this year's time is not particularly peaceful. The emergence of the new coronavirus has brought us a lot of confusion, unknown and fear. After the outbreak, experts suggested that the use of public chopsticks and disposable tableware could increase the possibility of infection prevention, and disposable wooden tableware was robbed. Today we are talking about wooden tableware.

    Wooden tableware is a variety of utensils and utensils used to distribute or ingest food. Including a complete set of bowls, chopsticks, knives, forks, plates, plates, trays, wooden shovel, wooden spoons, wooden scoops, rice steaming, as well as a variety of containers and ****-held utensils for different purposes. Chopsticks are the most common for daily bamboo and wood tableware, which can be divided into bamboo tableware and wooden tableware according to raw materials.

    Several days have passed since 2020. In addition to disasters such as the new crown and floods, what we have gained is more touch, persistence, and security. In 2021, I wish the mountains and rivers to be safe and healthy. The epidemic is not over yet, so it is recommended to use more disposable tableware and disposable paper bowl in daily life.