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Games are monetized to hell and back.

  • We must get loud - so the developer hears us. We have to withhold treats (cash ) for bad behaviour and provide treats (cash ) for good behaviour. And to be clear - that goes for everything from entertainment businesses and media through to politics. The NBA 2K21 MT we behave defeatist like"since casuals take it, the companies just do it so I figure we should take it" is the minute it becomes acceptable. The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.

    That's why I buy 2K on sale. I will never pay full price for all these matches. Playing 2K20 feels like I'm just playing with an expansion to 2K19 and that doesn't justify the price every year to me. It's why I buy practically every game on sale. I buy maybe a couple of a year full priced games, and you generally need to wait a couple of weeks to find a better price. Games going up in price means I play less games, and quit taking risks on whatever's not a sure bet.Exactly. I have not bought NBA 2K because rdr2. I know when games are available I can't bring myself to make that purchase and I'm not gon na receive my money's worth.

    To start with, I generally agree with you, however there is context that I don't often see mentioned. Yes, NBA 2K has tons of microtransactions. It's shitty, and I'm not defending that part of NBA 2K, but the MTX is just basically in two game modes, MyPlayer and MyTeam. If you merely want a basketball sim to play against friends or online, there are basically no microtransactions, and that I haven't seen one unskippable advertisement. Depends how you play NBA 2K I guess. I like the basketball sim, it's well done and really sensible. And you succeed more like it's supposed to be played, if you play with the game, which is rare for a sports match. So is dependent upon what you desire. I would not blame anyone for being turned off NBA 2K reason behind microtransactions. But like a basketball sim it's really great.

    Game prices have not actually changed despite inflation. We now get much bigger, longer, fully featured games for cheaper than we used to. And the resources are better, the marketing and pricing refined, and the sector is larger. It costs about zero cents to sell a digital game, and only dollars to manufacture and sell a disc, so video games are only a fixed cost version. That means that every extra sale, no matter for how little cash, increases their profitability. IP in general tends to be similar to this a Ferrari, that has labour costs and individual element to assemble.

    Games are monetized to hell and back. Some games market for $60 all in, but innumerable games have deluxe variations, pre-order variations, year moves, battle moves, boosts, etc, etc.. The sport game sub-segment is Cheap MT NBA 2K21 also greatly monetized by being a yearly series with generally very unambitious changes from year to year. Updating the roster itself, and that's what people value, costs hundreds of dollars, and generates countless. They are drifting this as a trial balloon because they can.