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Madden 21 "The Yard": The goal is to keep players simple

  • By introducing a new game mode called "The Yard" in Madden 21, the developers of Madden 21 are preparing to let players play football games in the backyard. Though you're not exactly drawing up plays in the dirt or on the palm of your ****, but having spent some time playing in "The Yard." For those players who want to stay away from the serious NFL professional football challenge," "The Yard" provides them with an easier option.

    As the most popular NFL video game of the year, "The Yard" is one of the many new options included. Players using PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can expect the game to be officially launched on August 28.

    First, players need to create their own unique avatars. This process will be assisted by Gillette Style Zone. Players can choose their favorite combination among many different hair styles, beards, mustaches. Of course, the player's personality far exceeds these physical characteristics. During the game, players can also use custom equipment to equip players and choose their favorite gameplay.

    In my "The Yard" journey, quarterbacks like the Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson are my focus. After choosing the game style, players also need to choose the desired two-way position, such as "quarterback/safety" or "wide receiver/cornerback." It is worth noting that if you determine the position you want to choose, they will Will be locked throughout the game. In other words, unlike traditional games, players will not be exchanged to the nearest tackler.

    The playing field in this mode is much shorter than the standard NFL football field and is distributed all over the world. Unlike the four-quarter game, the main content of the challenge is usually to get the highest possible score after a series of driving. In simple terms, the player has three chances to Buy MUT 21 Coins score each game, and each drive of the player may start from the 20-yard line. Not only that, because players can earn extra points when entering the finish area, so there will be no kickboards in the game.

    If you insist on playing the game for a long time, in order to enhance your chosen game style and unlock unique equipment for you, you will also get a boost. In "The Yard" talent is more important and the uniform is brighter. Madden Coins Players can pull off plays like passing to the running back who then tosses it downfield to a receiver. The quarterback will follow closely like Patrick Mahomes, and players can even grab one-handed like Odell Beckham Jr.

    Judging from the actual game experience, "The Yard" is a super casual mode. Players don't have to worry about being disturbed by the referee, and they don't have to worry about time and choosing a carefully crafted pass to open the slot receiver. "The Yard" of Madden 21 just wants to keep the player simple in the game-passing, capturing or running. If you wear a leopard print sweatshirt in this game mode, it will be cool! The coolest thing is that every player can buy cheap MUT Coins from MMOSPT, which considered the best third party game currency shop.