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Grammar Rules of Direct Speech Usage in Writing

  • An essay is not just a plain text as it may include various types of inserted materials. This is a topic that requires walking an extra mile to get to know how it all is regulated by grammar.

    The reason for these insertions is pretty obvious. Citations are very often applied in order to affirm a certain argument and prove that it is veracious. So, it is high time to get to know everything about quotation marks usage.

    The issue appears to be one of the most confusing, which is why many students may get puzzled when citing a piece of text. Additionally, it is not clear when to write a dialogue in an essay. Some writers cannot even differentiate the notions of a quotation and a dialogue, not to say of the punctuation rules that accompany them. The situation can be explained by the fact that academic subjects concentrate more on argumentative writing that does not involve many dialogues.


    A representation of a conversation amongst a particular number of people is denoted as a dialogue. Fiction books, plays, and movies make use of this literary device. However, essays also benefit from undertaking the technique.

    It is extremely important not to mix it up with the quotation taken from an external source. These pieces are identified with the help of citations. On the contrary, dialogues work for drama, tension, and visualization of the described things. Both of the devices are introduced in the text by quotation marks, but the pattern is not similar. Here are the things that you should be aware of:

    • A dialogue represents a talk between people. It may take place in a film, book or play. It is more applicable in the narrations.
    • A direct quote is a piece of text delivered in exactly the same words as it exists in the original document. Its purpose is to verify and support the writer's claim. Citing ideas is suitable in reports and claim-based writings.

    In the process of essay writing, it happens that an author decides to approach a direct speech as a quotation. But this is totally wrong to format it this way. Why not apply a narrative strategy transforming a text into a dialogue to make it more demonstrative and convincing?


    Nevertheless, dialogues are inevitable elements in the field of fiction, the only proper employment of them in the academic world could be found in narrative essays.  This type of essay has its own specific features that you should bear in mind. While most of the papers focus on making a statement on an issue or explaining someone’s position, the narrative essay is aimed at appealing to a reader retelling stories from own experience. Recounting some memories, a writer may use conversations to create a more powerful effect. Therefore, the writing itself may look much like a story.

    If you include this strategy in other types of essay, for instance, an expository essay, it will be improper and discrediting. In this case, you should better opt for a direct quote even if there is a spoken phrase that will work for strengthening your argument. It is a writer's responsibility to be non-biased presenting facts in a scientific manner dissertation methodology.


    This is a tool that makes an essay more intriguing and compelling. Dialogue can easily bring in climactic moments and development of characters. It is really helpful to make the story move further. The reported speech is expected to have an impact on the readers, so you can recall some details related to emotions, intonations to add the flair. Try to be sincere and to provide an example that would truly impart your feelings and the message that you want to pass on.

    Taking into account all the benefits of dialogues, now you can apply them in your own written piece to make it more colorful and absorbing. When it is used in an appropriate place with the proper punctuation, it evokes readers’ interest and rises credibility level. Think carefully whether it would be appropriate to include a dialogue and check the requirements of your educational institution.