If, however, you are also a Rocket League fan

  • This set is the latest in a line of tie-in cosmetic items that Psyonix has released over the past few years; the DC Comics pack was the most recent DLC to be added. It includes a bunch of banners and decals as well as two cool-looking Batmobiles.Be sure to also catch up on all Wrestlemania 34 news at our hub. You can read all of our predictions for the matches here, and our longer feature on Brock Lesnar vs.

    It's Wrestlemania night, which means you fans of body slams and elbow drops already have plenty to look forward to. If, however, you are also a Rocket League fan, then you've got a little something extra to be stoked about. New WWE gear is heading to the game, and you can even get your hands on a couple items free of charge.

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