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Rocket League The World Championships

  • First up, more teams. The Rocket League World Championships has expanded to host 16 teams, up from Season 9’s 12. Six will come from NA, six from EU, and two each from Oceania and South America. OCE and SAM will receive their own path to the planet Championships, which Psyonix will share soon.

    Teams qualify for the RLCS World Championships by earning points throughout the Splits. Regional Events will grant players points for both Major and World Championships qualification, albeit a smaller amount. The Majors are going to be where the lion’s share of the points are often earned. However, between each Split, the points will reset for Major qualification. Of course, the points earned towards the planet Championships will stay intact.

    After the strike, she insisted on streaming for another 15 minutes before ending the broadcast. Then she explained to her viewers,“We’re having bad thunderstorms here. Apparently my house got hit and it went through my controller and shocked my hands. I’m completely fine. I just got scared and my hands burned for a little bit." Luckily, Karma was fine after seeking for medical attention. She will be back after a short period of recovery.

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