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Whoever receives the Rocket League Items gift card can then

  • Instead you will get a voucher inside the box that can be redeemed to unlock the contents of the bundle. Including it in a box simply makes it easier to give it as a gift at Christmas. The Deep Freeze bundle markets itself as a great jumping off point for new players but there’s actually little truth in that. What you’re basically getting is 1,000 V-Bucks (which usually cost £7.99 on consoles and PC or £9.99 on Apple devices) as well a winter-themed costume for your character.

    Fortnite’s Deep Freeze bundle isn’t particularly good value for money. That may not be a problem if you want something quick and easy to buy as a gift, though there are much better alternatives out there. Prepaid gift cards are the best option. They’re available across all major platforms and give you some more control over how much you spend. Whoever receives the Rocket League Items gift card can then activate it and exchange that money for V-Bucks or whatever other Fortnite items they want to unlock.

    The item shop has updated in Fortnite which has brought us a whole new set of skins and items to the game.Tonight’s update brought us the Animal Jackets collection which consists of the Flap Jackie and Growler outfit. The glider is the poofy parasail and the harvesting tool is the Jack Spammer.It appears that with the time shift because of daylight savings time the item shop updates have been pushed forward an hour to 7 p.m. ET. These items will stick around in the shop for 24 hours so you will have plenty of time to decide if you want to pick these skins up or not.If you miss out on them this time around you can surely expect them to www.lolga.com pop back up in the shop sometime in the future as we’ve seen with pretty much every skin before.