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Escape From Tarkov Roubles that the west wall from the storage

  • Spawning divided into two zones, customs warehouse in the west and the east. You extraction point is determined by you, you will always spawn at the other side of the map. This means that when you move on the map, you will work with those who are around you, and gave birth to a title directly opposite parallel - is quite difficult to avoid the crossfire.

    These locations are surrounded by large red customs warehouse, Escape From Tarkov Roubles that the west wall from the storage facility, as well as the scope and up the river railway map name. In each of the eight spawning the use of RAID, there is a strong possibility, four groups are around the warehouse of origin so ready, as long as you landing operations.

    Maps and down around the north, east of the old gas station horseshoe ring refresh point distribution. These eggs spawning potential almost three-quarters of the boss, give you a good opportunity for him to www.lolga.com drop as soon as possible, but the mountain means that players can get near you soon.