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Rocket League Trading and prepare their armies to fight Black M

  • Nexon's cooperation with shedding strong financial quarter, the company Nexon compared to last year, this year's revenue posted 69 one billion yen (or US $ 6.05 million), an increase of 15%. They Ni é got their long-Adventure Island, DNF, and extended to various areas such as South Korea thanks to this. Future spifflicate e see a new interactive entertainment experience through techniques like AI, cloud computing and more energy, we believe Nexon should lead this new generation of entertainment? Owen Mahoney, president and CEO of Nexon said. Xu hat is why, based on the future of online gaming and simulation of deep consistent vision of the world, we have some of the industry's most talented people to www.lolga.com set foot on investment Studios?

    MapleStory, Nexon's US flagship global MMORPG, the first stage brings with sinister villain, black mage long-awaited battle. Between November 14 to 28, players can participate in the "hero party" activities to join Mora Union, Rocket League Trading and prepare their armies to fight Black Mage.

    Behind the black mage Adventure Island is the eternal antagonists. His story to bring balance to the world's maple function, but he's tough, he realized that the only way to save the world's maple is to eliminate it. Now, the seal has been broken, the players need to work together to defeat the legendary leader.