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The Rocket League Championship Series is the highest

  • That more of the qualifications are held on weekdays, when many in the tournament's target group would normally be in school, Polaris does not think that will be a big problem. The organizer is in active dialogue with the Rocket League environment in Norway, and already sees that people are working to form teams from the local community to www.rocketleaguefans.com participate. I expect there to be a lot of signups at the last minute. We think it will be okay with attendance, and it may be full in a few cities.

    We have opened two alternative dates in the capital in case it gets full on the first, so we can continue with an additional qualifying day, "said Mahmutagić. Polaris now lets travel almost the country and Mahmutagić is looking forward to bringing Rocket Leage- circus to the Norwegian people. The boss himself encourages as many people as possible, because he believes the chance to qualify for Polaris LAN is probably greater than most people think. In addition, he hopes everyone will have fun, whether it's like a player or spectator.

    The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is the highest level of Rocket League Credits competition, and now developer Psyonix has revealed some good news, as South America will be coming to the competition as a region next year."We'll begin this first article with a quick look at one of the most promising regions in Rocket League Esports, South America (SAM)," the post reads. "Over the past month, you may have noticed a long-overdue push by Psyonix to get more involved and support our incredible community partners in the South American region.