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5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Managed Voice Services

  • Have you heard of managed voice services? Do you want to know if these services will benefit your business? If so, knowing the benefits these offers offer can help you make informed decisions about whether they are appropriate for you.

    Modern Managed voice services combine existing Internet connectivity, hosted PBXs, and the use of hardware. All of these are configured, monitored and managed by your chosen service provider. Here are five of the specific benefits offered by using these services.

    1. IT Staff Free From Other Concerns

    Placing the phone system in the hands of a professional service provider will allow the expert to monitor the problem on the phone and will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides a great sense of security by understanding that your smartphone is not only in good shape, but can continue to operate without delay or downtime. Ultimately, this service also helps free up IT staff, allowing them to focus on other, more complex and mission-critical issues.

    1. Reduce Costs And Improve Profitability.

    With a cloud-hosted PBX, all hardware is moved from premises to the cloud. This will reduce the cost of traditional on-site PBX capital investment and the cost of having to upgrade your equipment if it becomes obsolete.


    1. Constant Monitoring And Updating Of The Telephone System.

    Choosing a managed voice service gives you access to a full team of professionals. Your team of experts will ensure that the phone continues to function as it should. In fact, service providers actively manage and monitor their entire voice network, so new features and updates are always a priority. This helps give companies a competitive advantage over traditional phone systems.

    1. The Best Quality Of Service

    By hiring a professional service provider to manage all aspects of your company's phone system, you can control all possible points of failure. This practically guarantees 100% uptime. Additionally, there are several managed voice service providers that also offer emergency recovery. This means you can be sure that your phone line will stay active in case of unexpected problems or situations with the phone line, thanks to call routing and external hosting capabilities.

    1. Ability To Expand The Phone System As Needed

    Because managed voice services work with hosted PBXs, there are scalability options that traditional phone systems do not offer. Lack of physical hardware allows the process to be handled immediately if additional lines, updates to available functions or software updates are required. This means that technicians do not have to go to the site to install new equipment or manually update the software system. This type of scalability is not available in traditional telephone systems.

    Managed voice services bring many benefits to your business. Helps IT departments free up valuable time and realize significant cost savings. If you need more information about Managed Voice Services or if you want to receive a personalized quote, please contact an expert at Monster Technology.