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Related knowledge of metal filing cabinets


    Today we will talk about the standards and product performance of metal filing cabinets.

    File cabinet standard:

    The uniform load-bearing capacity of the shelf is not less than 75kg, and the downward deflection is not more than 3mm after 24 hours of full load, and it will automatically recover after unloading. Each row is equipped with safety limit, anti-falling and self-locking devices.

    Product performance:

    1. With reliable center straightness, the cabinet is stable and light.

    2. Adopt the steering wheel folding crank handle.

    3. Load capacity: >600kg/m3.

    4. Cabinet space utilization rate: >80%.

    5. Transmission device: Mechanism type automatic tripping drive device. The sprocket production standard is in accordance with the GB1135-89 and GB1244-84 standards, which are all processed by the mechanism, and the surface is treated with blackening and rust prevention.

    6. ​​The transmission system adopts special chains, double-alignment adjustable rolling bearings, and the rolling wheels adopt high-strength cast iron materials. The transmission mechanism rotates flexibly, stably, and powerfully.

    7. Each column of the cabinet structure is equipped with a braking device to ensure the personal safety of the inspectors.

    8. Use high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. There are strong magnetic rubber sealing strips between the racks, the top is equipped with a dust-proof plate, and the bottom is equipped with a mouse-proof device. After being fully closed, there is no seam, which can meet the requirements of dust-proof, mouse-proof, anti-theft, and light-proof.

    9. The underframe group is an integral fire segmented combination, with high processing accuracy, butt interchangeability, wide range of joints, and it can be used for transportation and installation.

    Note: Various specifications and types of products can be customized according to user needs

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