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The metal cabinet has excellent wear resistance and high temper


    The structure of the metal cabinet is a metal plate with a special oxidation treatment, fine wire drawing and polishing, and a dense protective layer formed on the surface of the medium density board. Metal plate cabinets are suitable for kitchens. Metal plates have a strong modern atmosphere. The kitchen area does not need to be large to highlight its simplicity and fashion. A straight cabinet is enough, so that all the work is done in a straight line.

    1. Advantages and disadvantages of metal cabinets?

    1. Advantages of metal cabinets: metal texture door panels have excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and simple daily maintenance; fine texture, simple and elegant lines, easy to clean, long service life, durable, and environmentally friendly. Will give off a peculiar smell.

    2. Disadvantages of metal cabinets: The color of the metal plate is mainly cold tones, which has a "cold" feeling. It lacks home warmth and is easy to deform. After a little collision, it is easy to leave groove-shaped pits and scratches are more difficult to repair.

    2. How to maintain the metal plate?

    Steel balls must not be used when wiping the metal cabinet, but a clean cotton cloth must be used. If there are scratches that cannot be recovered and will hide dirt, it will affect the smoothness and will be difficult to clean in the future. When cleaning, use professional cleaning agents, avoid choosing acidic and abrasive cleaning agents, and never use paint removers.

    Metals may rust if they are stained with salt, so you should always clean the surface of the metal cabinet frequently. After scrubbing with a detergent, you must wipe it off with water, otherwise the metal luster will become dim over time.

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