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The metal bed company teaches you how to buy?


    Why are the upper and lower double metal beds popular?

    1. The upper and lower metal bed adopts a snap-in structure, which has a safety guarantee in terms of a firm angle. The principle of this structure is that the greater the bearing capacity, the higher the firmness.

    2. The raw material is made of metal, which is die-casted from cold-rolled steel plate. Achieve durable, convenient and strong effect.

    3. After special treatment (pickling and phosphating), it is not easy to rust, high-temperature paint, smooth surface and touch feeling reached the extreme. In contrast, square tubes and round tubes are particularly prone to rust and corrosion.

    In addition, the area is small, which is something that factories and schools will take into account. This can greatly reduce the cost of transportation and the space for handling. In addition, it has a top and bottom structure, which can accommodate 2 people, which is very convenient to use in: factory dormitories, hotel dormitories, and school dormitories.

    The advantage of getting on and off the metal bed is that it is not easily damaged. From structure to material, from processing to production, from transportation to installation. There are multiple guarantees.

    Dingli is a company and factory with reliable quality and reasonable price. Products including: metal bed, single bed, single metal bed and steel metal bed frame. If you are interested in our products, please contact us: metal bed company.