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Steel Metal Bed Frame-About The Choice Of Bed Frame


    Which bed frame do you want?
    Ask this yourself. When you start looking for a bed frame, you will find that the choices of bed frames are endless. Therefore, you must analyze the high bed, low bed, space-saving bed, platform bed, four poster bed, bunk bed, standard bed, and many other popular types.

    What bed size do you need?
    This is one of the important factors to consider. The size of the room you have will have a great influence on which bed frame you choose. You may want to consider measuring the size of the bedroom before ordering a new bed that is different from the previous one.

    Do you need a metal bed frame or a wooden bed frame?
    These are called the most common types of bed frames. You will mainly see reviews about these two types of bed frames. You will also notice that some people do like the look of a metal bed frame, while others recommend a wooden bed frame.

    Which surface treatment do you prefer?
    When discussing typical wooden bed frames, there are many attractive and different finishes. If the bed frame you choose is made of cork, the best thing is that it can be easily painted according to your artwork, so in fact, you can paint in any color according to your bedroom theme. On the other ****, some vendors provide hardwood bed frames with their own standard colors, which can reflect a specific theme.

    Box spring, platform, foundation?
    Choosing the type of bed is the main thing to consider when buying a new bed frame. You must consider the bed frame of box springs and mattresses. There are three types of bed frames, namely box spring, platform and foundation. The mattress used in the box spring bed is a box spring mattress. These mattresses are equipped with spring coils. Platform beds are usually low bed frames and do not use spring mattresses. But the mattresses used for platform beds are memory foam, gel foam and many other non-coil-shaped mattresses. Another type of bed is foundation. This is a wooden frame with slats on it and covered with fabric.

    Do you want other features?
    Many bedding manufacturers provide some extra features and bed frames. When your wooden floor may be scratched, this includes felt floor protectors. For those who want the appearance of the bed to look smoother around the edges, this can also incorporate the option of angled legs.


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